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Please note that Cristallerie de Saint Paul will be closed from December 22th, to January 3rd 2018, there will be no delivery during this period.

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Located in an old mill in Condat sur Vienne near Limoges, capital of the Arts of Fire (enamel and porcelain), the Cristallerie de Saint Paul is specialized in the manufacturing of enamels for jewellery and glasses for the art world but also for numerous industrial applications.



It is always very hard to give a definition in a few words of a glass, as this material is so complex; if we had to try, we could say this, in all humility :

The glass is a material resulting from the mixture of raw materials melted at high temperature, creating complex silicates which can be colourless, white or coloured.


The glass is a mineral product obtained by melting which, once cooled without crystallization, takes a congealed aspect.