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The Cristallerie de Saint Paul is the only French manufacturer of enamels for the application on copper, gold and silver. With a bicentenary experience, the factory of the SOYER enamels manufactures the best quality of jewellery enamels currently on the world market.

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The factory exports 65 % of its products in Europe, but also in the United States and in Japan, where they are used by art enamelers to decorate paintings, jewels, medals, vases and blazons.



With the passing years, the Cristallerie de Saint Paul has become an expert in the development of coloured glasses of very high quality, meeting the needs of very demanding customers.

The company Emaux Soyer is really keen on satisfying as best as possible its customers by offering them a wide range of colours, products and grading.

The company offers up to 180 colours to its customers.

By using the best raw materials, and thanks to a strict control and to the most modern production process, the company offers quality products.