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Health and environment

The Environmental Policy of Cristallerie de Saint Paul

As a Living Heritage Company certified "Responsible Care" (progress commitment based on 6 principles respectful of the sustainable development) Cristallerie de St Paul, specialised in the manufacturing of glass frits used in numerous industries such as jewellery, ceramic and glass industries, committed itself to the setting up and upholding of a general approach of continuous improvement in terms of environment, in accordance with the norm AFNOR NF X 30-205 (level 2). This approach concerns all our activities on our production site located in Condat sur Vienne (87).

For this reason, we commit ourselves to prevent, as far as possible, the pollution of our environment and to respect the regulations and environmental requirements of our customers and partners. The major directions of our implication for 2015 are :

Strengthening the control of our atmospheric and liquid emissions
Reducing our energy and water consumptions
Strengthening our regulatory compliance.

Our Environment coordinator, Astrid Roulaud, is in charge of the policy and the environmental approach, but the smooth running of this policy depends on the implication of everyone, and that is why, as the Managing Director of Cristallerie de Saint Paul, I am committing myself to implement all the means necessary to respect this policy.

Franck Dufour - Managing Director of Cristallerie de Saint Paul 

Condat sur Vienne, June 5th, 2015

(*) : The norm AFNOR NF 30-205 (version 2013) is entitled « Environmental management system – Guidelines on the setting up in stages of an environmental management system »

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